A Space Rock Odyssey

Space Adventure

the Slippermen ® 

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This multimedia project is meant to combine the real world with the surreal world. The musical theme is space rock. While exploring space, we also stumble across some other things... like:

Science -- gravity, momentum and other such topics are considered. Socio/economics -- man's relation to his environment can have many interesting perspectives. The mind -- which comes first the imagination or the finished product? These and many other subliminal areas can be explored when you launch from this site.

Crazy Submarine Space Ship Space Ships

Command Control
Interplanetary Space Departure | Momentum (Building Slowly) | 186,000 Miles Per Second | Gravity Games | Playin' With Time

MP3 Soundtrack Demos

For the most part, the music is an experimental project. In true space cadet form, the songs are written and recorded in an extemporaneous sort-of way.

Instant MP3 Single: I'm In Touch With Your World (Car's Coversong)

Techno Rock In Space

Obscure Music

Impromptu Coversongs

The Big Landing Pods

Part 1: Interplanetary Space Departure

Click Here for Streaming Real Player Video (for lowbandwidth)

The internet collaboration that went on for this production is quite interesting. Amongst those points of interest: this soundtrack is based on an award winning soundtrack that Sech produced for the 1999 Southwest Airlines Halloween Carving Contest. Half a continent away (and "a while" away in time) it was combined with a variety of other encounters. It is meant as the opening sequence for a longplay movie.

The Astronauts
Sech - voices, keyboards, timpanis, special effects, graphics

Digital Yoda - voices, keyboards, guitar, special effects, animation

Additional animation and graphics - Capn', Chris, Mike, NASA

Extra help - Sidd, Jennifer, Danielle, Janet

A live audience from an Ocean City, NJ amusement pier was added to help create the spaceport atmosphere :)

Baby Steps Space Ship Velocity

Part 2: Momentum (Building Slowly)

Redistribution Of Mass MPEG1
Quick Time Movie
Cinepak AVI
Streaming Real Player (or, click here with your right mouse button to download the file.)

How can you gain momentum without going any faster? Click here to try and win a free take-home version copy of this multimedia. [hint: Momentum is equal to mass x velocity (p=mv).]

Another Robot Guy

The Astronauts
Digital Yoda - vocals, lyrics, keyboards, guitar, animation

Additional animation and graphics - Sech & Mike

Extra help - Chris

Reference Desk Help - Dr. Sidd

Her Backside TV Camers The Crowd

Part 3: 186,000 Miles Per Second

MPEG4 Music Video Sech's Work on Mike's Photo

How fast is fast? And, how are you affected by gravity at high speeds? In an effort to perform a land/air test, we sent a digital roadcrew to the Gravity Games in Rhode Island, USA. Members of the Urban Assault In-Line Skating Team competed on behalf of themselves and KingArthur.com. (Long live the King!) We are honored to be represented by these world record holders and world class athletes.

The Astronauts
Urban Assault - professional in-line skating

Digital Yoda - vocals, lyrics, keyboards, guitar, animation

Mike - live action filming and photography

Additional assistance - Sech & NASA

Defy Gravity Hanging Out

Part 4: Gravity Games

Streaming Real Video
Musical Soundtrack MP3

Speaking of gravity... and E=MC^2, etc... why not put gravity to the test? Can you defy gravity? Did you know that you impose as much gravitational force on the Earth as is does on you?

The Astronauts
The Team Urban Assault - professional in-line skating

Digital Yoda - vocals, lyrics, keyboards, guitar, animation

Mike - live action filming and photography

Reference Desk Help - Dr. Sidd

Additional assistance - music inspired by ELP's Karn Evil 9

Part 5: Playin' With Time (Technofried Funky Space Groove)

Time Travel MPEG 1 Music Video
MPEG 4 AVI Version
The Basic Basement Jam in Real Video

Is it possible to travel through time? This music video is an example of a successful experiment in time travel. The original musical groove was composed in Montreal, Canada. The lead guitar was recorded by a Dallas, Texas native. Animation was rendered in Ft. Washington, PA. Technical and scientific help was made available to us through Ohio State University (Columbus, OH). Screaming and yelling was captured in Rhode Island. And, the piano and production took place in Blue Bell, PA. That is where all the pieces went from their own time... to a combined existence... living together at one time.

There is one other very important fact that I should point out -- none of these people ever played together before this instant!

Playin' With Time The Astronauts
Alexandre Therrien - drums

Eric Forcier - bass

Fof - electric guitar

Julien "Tha Juls" - live action filming

Sech - lead guitar and narration

Capn' - Animation

Digital Yoda - piano, keyboards, production

Mike - screaming and yelling

Sidd - 2nd Grip

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Children Of The Sun

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