Pull Me Through, Too?

Title: Pull Me Through, Too?
Lyrics by: KingArthur.com
Original extemporaneous music demo (MP3) by KingAthur.com

While talking about Ludwig Witgenstein with LeRoy... and, musical flight with Aiax... I thought perhaps they might know something that I did not?

Would you be kind enough,
To do me the favor,
Of pulling me through,

If you'd be kind enough,
To lend me a hand,
And, help me understand,
How I can get through,

I'm giving from the bottom of my heart,
I'm told... that's a start.

If you get through before I do,
Would you lend me a hand,
Help me understand,
How I can get through,

And ya know,
If I get through,
Before you do,
Well, it's the least,
That I could do,
Is to lend a hand,
And pull you through,

It's the least that I could do.

And, if we both pray for a miracle,
Well, ya never do know,
Which way it will go.

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