Ruble Rubble

Title: Ruble Rubble
Lyrics by: & Aiax
Original extemporaneous "Piano Man" music demo (MP3) by
Original impromptu electric version by

Inspired by Uriah Heep's Easy Livin and Pink Floyd's Pigs (Three Different Ones), this song is about money and e-conomics. Money can not buy you happiness. On the other hand, economics is the study of "how people make their living." (An Introduction to Microeconomics by Wonnacott/Wonnacott, 1979)

Can a human making an "inferior" living be happy?

What a paradox! Man can not buy happiness with money. However, man must make a living or certainly be unhappy.

After the fall,
Of the wall,
The Soviet Block,
Began to crumble.

After it all,
Hear their call?
Shall we reply,
Not even a mumble?

Just watch 'em tumble,
Under the RUBLE rubble.
Just watch 'em struggle,
Under the RUBLE rubble.

The plans bad?
People sad?
People are good.
Just misunderstood!

Don't get mad,
Try on glad.
We've got a plan,
To help the Land.

Just watch 'em bubble,
Above the RUBLE rubble.
Just watch 'em struggle,
Through the RUBLE rubble.

-- interlude (Pink Floydian) --

Not a Big man,
Not a pig man,
No charade... no not me.

'Cause money...
Don't buy ya happiness.
It's funny...
Won't buy ya tenderness.

-- back through interlude --


Just enough,
To scrape by,
On my journey,
Toward the sky.

Rising high, high, high,
Above the RUBLE rubble.
People say bye, bye, bye,
To the RUBLE rubble.

repeat and fade....

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