Music To My Ears

Title: Music To My Ears
Lyrics by:
Original extemporaneous music demo (MP3) by

This song is a "thank you song" to Aiax... for making such beautiful music! (And, a special nod to LeRoy for crystal thinking.)

Well, I've never heard such an encouraging word,
In fact, it's music to my ears.

We've got nothing to fear.

Let music be our leader.

In this theater...

We call life.

While we're living,
Let's get livid,
About hearing things,
Crystal clear...

About fear.

If I've gotta fear for my life,
Might as well make it worth it,
Never quit!
"He's a persistent son-of-a... #$%&"

And, the way that you do it,
Makes me never want to quit,
Music to my ears,
Eliminates my fears.

My hat's off to ya,
What can I do for ya?

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