Title: Dreams
lyrics by: KingArthur.com
original extemporaneous music demo (MP3) by KingAthur.com
additional lyrics & music: to be announced

Hmmm... what colour best describes the dream concert at the Grape Street?

Grapes are purple... how about purple? Do you know how to make purple?

A song about a shared vision:

Dream, dream, dream.

In this vision,
There's some precision,
Red + Blue,
Me n' You...
See purple,
So, it seems.

I'm amazed,
In this purple haze.

In this dream,
Of purple haze,
So it seems,
Goes on for days.


Dreams come true,
All because of you.

The precision,
Of the vision,
So it seems,
Is to dream.

Red + blue,
Me n' you.


Subtle… shade.

Purple haze.

Dream, dream, dream.

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