At Will

Title: At Will
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Fire your guitar at will.

You needn't foot the bill,
Cause you've got the will.

How long will it be... until...

You'll exercise your... freewill?

Like a fish can breath,
Through a gill,
Now you're behavin',
Like you're outta water,
Hey, now... what's the matter?

You can do it,
At will.
You can do it,

You don't have to do it... until...
No, not until you kill,
But, you can exorcise,
Free will.

This doesn't need to be like pushing,
Dead elephants up a hill.
Your gain,
Doesn't need to be near nil.

Your game doesn't need,
To be makin' ya ill (ill, ill)
Now take the ink,
Take the quill,
Exercise your free will.

Ahhhh... welcome to Pleasantville,
Where you can exercise,
Your free will.

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