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President Bush Gives The Signal Man I Saw, Who Sees Things Differently


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Bin Laden FBI Wanted Poster

by Staff Writer

The following editorial is based on this Whitehouse press release and news story (please click here to view.)

Bin Laden 
Interpol Wanted Poster

RE: The U.S. Constitution & World Opinion
While out-and-about as a roving reporter, I saw a man who sees things differently. He was wearing a sign that said,

"Osma Bin Ladin Did Not Do It!"
And, I had to ask myself, "What happened to Due Process and Trial By Jury?"

Then, I became sad... as I realized how the U.S.A. must look like hypocrites in the eyes of the world.

Music Video Lyrics

I saw a man,
Who sees things differently,
A reprimand,
For me... completely!

The War Room Military tribunal,
Could be your own funeral,
What about ole due process,
Don't you find this a bit preposterous?

No justice,
There is justice for all,
Can ya hear it call?

For all of us,
Less hypocrites,
You and me,
A Memory of the World Trade Center We,
It's within OUR...

Let's make these our hours!
In memory of the towers.
Let us all unite,
For what is right.

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